1. An existing tribe in a new world

    Hello, I'm interested can an existing tribe continue in a new world or new tribes have to be created every time when a new world starts?
  2. Small but expanding tribe

    Hello everyone The Seven Kingdoms (TSK) is now actively on the search of, well you guessed it, active players. Whether you are versed in the game or just starting out, our doors are open. Look us up and ask for..... Telcontar - Founder Ernaldus - Lord/Recruiter Have a terrific game day out...
  3. Best / worst tribes

    Hi all, I think the title says it all.. ^^ But still: name the best and/or worst tribe on this world! Ofcourse also with a little explanation why you think so ;) ps. just naming your own tribe as the best one.. that's not OK :P I'll start: Best: ForGiveNess of Frankenstein. Just because...
  4. Praetopia

    Hey all, I'm not going to be recruiting per se, I just wanted to inform you of my whereabouts. I will be situated in the northeast, and while I know that many of you who are not already affiliated with a tribe won't join one until the end of the initial stages, I want to assure you that I will...
  5. ☬ The Assassins ☬

    The Assassins are recruiting! We now that they are already tribes carving their name on this world and I cannot tell you if they are good or bad tribes... but I can describe our tribe... We, The Assassins are a second family for those who takes a oath. We take care of our members...
  6. The Battle of the Seven Armies

    *Title is a pun* We got the Elves (NOT), Humans (UBH), Hobbits (CTG), Orcs (ORK), Uruk-hai (TCS), Wargs (WLF) and Easterlings (SPV). I mean really, look at this here map. I think that is quite the striking resemblance to the world map. Don't you all agree?