1. Praetopia

    Hey all, I'm not going to be recruiting per se, I just wanted to inform you of my whereabouts. I will be situated in the northeast, and while I know that many of you who are not already affiliated with a tribe won't join one until the end of the initial stages, I want to assure you that I will...
  2. Tribes/Maps

    So normal topic about tribes and on going events between tribes like wars. And ofc some maps too :) this is pretty early but i will update map daily if needed. At least most tribes will stay in top 10. Note: only my tribe (REX) color is chosen purposely. I will later update biggest tribes go...
  3. Cornerstone - a Tribe of Faith Seeks Members

    Cornerstone is an alliance made up of players dedicated to a wide range of Christian faiths, denominations, and traditions that has been around for over six years. We exist in Cybernations and Politics and War. We have a strong culture of faith, honour, mutual cooperation, and respect. We defend...
  4. Wars update

    Who is in war with who atm?
  5. Roll Safe R.S

    We are a small tight knit group who are looking for recruits. Our tribe highly values socializing and that is why we are looking for people who will use the forum, chat bar and will participate in upcoming event. We accept new players and veterans. Banned from joining @AIDZRegenslayer
  6. I know this is early, but...Praetopia

    So, I'm going to be (hopefully) divebombing my way into this new world from the very first second. Just wondering if anybody wants to be part of a tribe? I'm making one called Praetopia, doing preparation for it tonight, sorting out forum categorisations, city building/trading, etc. Let me...
  7. color coding tribes

    My head is not working today and feel lazy. So, i'm just gonna ask if there is a way to color code any tribe without marking them as ally or NAP or enemy in the diplomacy tab? It is very useful to color code tribe when you are planning to farm/noble an active player or if you are being attacked...
  8. (VKN) Vikings

    (VKN) Vikings A new tribe for members of all skill levels, it will be a fun and active community. Players will support each other in battle and be encouraged to help new members of a low skill level. All welcome apply to Vikings today or message martinmjkeane for an invite.