1. Hey Tribal Wars 2 Community!

    Hey, guys i'm new to the game, and it looks good, the art style is very appealing to me. I'm wondering what you guys the forum dwellers, and active community think the state of the game is, I'm a new fan of the MMO strategy game, and the convenience of having it on a browser is very appealing...
  2. Anarchy for Hire ~ AFH ~ Recruitment for Poenari ~ EN16~

    As you all know the time has come once again to start new or restart and conquer on a new realm which is opening on the 1/21/2016. Anarchy for Hire ~ AFH ~ will be launching day one Hour one with both experienced and new players who are raring to have another go. As it stands AFH is built up of...
  3. EN15

    Any1 know when the EN15 is starting up? i know they start servers around 30-40 days apart, so should be around now?