1. ohee

    Tribal Wars 2 EN. Forum Sidebar Not Working

    I cannot use right side bar links or things... for example I cannot click on "update your status..." when my mouse is over there, there is no difference. I have no option to interact with it. and any other thing seems a link doesn't work anyhow. is there anyone else having this problem?
  2. huskazor93

    Forum Registration

    There is a difficulty registering to forum as some of my tribe's members noticed... The Register button on top right of the forum (just as you enter not logged in) doesn't have any function. Nothing happens as you press on it and you need to find yourself a way around in order to register by...
  3. Stucked Tribe Forum

    I notice that our tribe forum post don't match when seen on a browser and compared to a mobile. The browser version is missing a lot of new post which I can see in my mobile. Can anyone confirm that it is not only me? I've done refreshing my browser and clearing the cache but it's all the same...