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    Three noblemen from gwendoline´s disappeared from my inventory.

    support team IS a joke but tbf there is nothing to be done here ... he activate the item without having enough prov ... using items without checking space/prov is a common mistake + 3 nobles are one item you can't activate just one ...

    Log in issues on PC

    did you check the market when you tried to login ? you have to be on the EN market ... link must be en.tribalwars2.com not us or any other server ....

    Removal of Threads

    The key words here are "nothing suspicious" and "you will never know" ... i played this shitty game on and off since closed beta and up until EN82 i have never seen/heard of this bug ... all worlds perior to EN82 had nothing suspicious same as US or any other market ... maybe some people used...

    Removal of Threads

    Forum Mod don't get paid it's just a voluntary position ... unlike a community manager aka @captc who is getting paid for his "job" ... kinda funny imo if you have been looking at the forum lately ...

    Removal of Threads


    General Discussion Dún Libhse

    This is one of the dumbest thing/excuse i have ever read here ... and i read a lot dumb stuff on EN forum ...

    Since there are no mods and no bans for any sort of cheating...

    there is no fix at this point ... either start a new world or reset this one ... assuming that inno will fix this shit ...

    Since there are no mods and no bans for any sort of cheating...

    So i guess EN82 is officially ruined and beyond fixing ... i just hope if somehow we got a miracle and inno decided to fix this glitch in the next week or so ,very unlikely but one can dream, we will get another dom world with the same configurations soon/next ...

    If ur a forum admin. PLEASE RESIGN.

    I'm sure @captc will show up soon ... we are halfway through January and still no Gwen yet ... no way he doesn't show up to announce one soon ...
  10. SYPHAX

    Forum Bug

    Weird ... it does say EN82 forum but it still have all those unrelated stuff ...
  11. SYPHAX

    Forum Bug

    I like to report a glitch in the game forums ... I can't find EN82 in the Realms section ... when i try to visit EN82 forum all i see is stuff about older worlds or the US server and some youtube links ... Anyone else have the same issue ? maybe someone have a link to the real EN82 forum ...
  12. SYPHAX

    Constant Game Lag

    Where is the update so i can play from my phone again ...
  13. SYPHAX

    I want this question answered about a corrupt mod

    Hehe only cussing and name calling ? nothing else is wrong with this whole thread ? i like the new forum rules ...
  14. SYPHAX

    Constant Game Lag

    Jun 30, 2022 Not playing anymore so i'm not complaining ... i'm just saying ... the only update i see on the forums right now is the price update
  15. SYPHAX

    General Discussion (Vianden)

    I think this is more appropriate
  16. SYPHAX

    Configurations Feedback (Terebovlia)

    I don't understand why bother post world/unit/Merch speed,BP and moral each time a new server open if it's never going to change .... also 100 is still a lot for tribe limit ...
  17. SYPHAX

    Top 5 Tribes Discussion Thread

    Can we please get an update on this ?? maybe a map with some commentary for people like me to have an idea what's going on ... this world forum is becoming sad to look at with all the whining ...
  18. SYPHAX

    An End To Gwen! ( Nobles mostly )

    Not to disagree with you but MOL isn't just an item it's an officer .. a part of the game core it can't be removed only balanced/tweaked ... while gwen nobles are crappy items introduced only to milk players base and can very easily be removed