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Search results

  1. General Discussion Inchiquin (EN87)

    clearly not
  2. General Discussion Heidelberger Schloss (EN86)

    Continue auto-scripting on a dead server. Sorry, dead game*
  3. General Discussion Heidelberger Schloss (EN86)

    Rampant scripters in TIT as they are conquering villages with 30K DT that magically doesn't enter combat. Can't believe I was excited to return to this game after 5 years.
  4. too less Domination

    I received this message May 20th 2022: "Hello Autonomic, Did you notice you are recruiting new moderators? If you are keen in knowing more about Tribal Wars 2, it can be a good opportunity to get in touch with its backstage." Am I going to get banned for apparently trying to recruit new...
  5. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    Yeah, This was NOT the realm for me to return to. Left a very sour taste in my mouth with all the Pay to Win.
  6. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    I have no idea when release is; I just figured it would be at 00:00 4/28 server time.
  7. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    Also waiting for launch. figured it would be 6 hours ago.
  8. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    So with 200 member tribes, it's going to be one giant tribe of all the active, experienced English tribes together? lol
  9. Configurations Feedback Wawel (EN75)

    I take it not alot will be playing this realm then?
  10. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    Old player considering returning for this. Anyone else? I am always hyped about new realms. It's just been years since I played TW 1 or 2..