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  1. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Obv pure skill it is :D
  2. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Well it was my last world anyways. Getting married in March. So I have INNO to thank for freeing me up. A bit sad to see my vils dying like this, but I did have fun while I could. I scripted and I am not apologetic about it. I really hope INNO fixes their detection bot, and probably next time...
  3. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Yeah bro still here. Covid lead to postponing of stuff. So have some more time :D
  4. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Accuses me of scripting since I could send some 10-15 perfect 4 attack trains. Sends 10-20 perfect 5 attack trains everyday. Pure skill I suppose ? ;)
  5. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Common preset allows double tapping farming in all vils. :)
  6. Biggest Battles (Quadrangular castle)

    at times it shows you have sniped but when you refresh page that is gone. it usually arranges and @RomanImperi is right. Its as per order flow based on my analysis. So you cannot snipe same sec trains( not believing unless I see reports and timers ).
  7. Top 5 Tribes Discussion Thread

    Been a while since updates. :(
  8. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    So no free speech as well ? lol. I mean obv they will pay. Thats what credit cards are for. Fraudulent / defective products / services can result in an almost certain cancellation when requested.
  9. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    XD. yeah you guys really took it quite far with the moling lol. You should sue for sure.
  10. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    I know people who have been playing completely honest this world and they got banned. I mean the anti *** system is not full proof. So better make it one and then use. Why spoil people's game
  11. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Can totally expect this from INNO lol :p Right now I just want my 18K crowns worth of money back from INNO.
  12. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Just my personal opinion bro :)
  13. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Not really bro :P Lets be honest. Nobody enjoys farming. Make a purchasable script like TW1. Problem solved. But no. INNO wants us to do stupid mundane tasks. I guess it's just good bye, because as much as I enjoy the war mechanics of this game and the strategy aspects, I cannot and will...
  14. Bad Day

    Banning people and giving nobles in Gwen. Well played INNO. Well thankfully you just saved me hundreds of dollars in this one and all the next ones. :)
  15. Bad Day

  16. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    I thought you weren't playing :P
  17. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Is -V- supporting -P- ? 30K/30K/15K stacks across 3 vils for a tiny tribe seems a bit unrealistic.