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  1. Another one

    They had clear proofs of a couple of guys cheating right at server start and they dident do anything. They aint gonna do anything again. I dont understand how you have a buisiness and not caring about it. It dosent require someone full time to at least ban the obvious cheaters and it would...
  2. General Discussion Mespelbrunn (EN91)

    This will be my last post as I dont want to get into an endless spin of comments as its probably impossible to all see things the same way like about others sensitive topics in life. I really dont think the others are cheating, it dosent look like it. Thats why I even said that you have a very...
  3. General Discussion Mespelbrunn (EN91)

    I just came back to the game after a couple of years and I was about to buy a decent amount of crowns to boost my tribe and to get some shots at the wheel but yesterday when I saw thoose 2k+ villages when its impossible ressources wise with the achivement they got it just made me back off. Not...
  4. Hello - New player

    If you look at the numbers there are not a lot of chances no. But hey some would say its not over until its over. Welcome back ;)
  5. Hello - New player

    Hi Landlord, I just came back to the game also (2-3 weeks ago) and its great fun. I suggest you skip this world as its already won by the top 1 tribe. (It was won after a week I beleive.). Nothing can be done to stop them and its a waste of your time. See you in the next world. Thanks