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Search results

  1. General Discussion Nussberg (EN92)

    Are the top 2 tribes sister tribes? Lmaoo
  2. General Discussion Nussberg (EN92)

    My comment have been deleted for 4th time know. I basically Write that i will cheat this realm too and the devs wont do anything about it because they dont care as long as i pay money too.
  3. General Discussion Mespelbrunn (EN91)

    Cultist kid, you aint starting in a server Im in because i will maul your ass before anyone starts to hate you
  4. General Discussion Mespelbrunn (EN91)

    Who wants to get smacked out of the server first week already? Because im BACK!!!
  5. General Discussion Inchiquin (EN87)

    Why is the game Relocation active but no option to relocate troops??
  6. Play like a man

    Hi all Please all tribes, do not form big alliances and hug eachother like bastards. There is alot of good tribes that can fight and give a nostalgia trip back to 2015 Where this game was badass. Stay away from forming alliance/sister tribe pacts in top 3 to take out all other tribes which...
  7. General Discussion Inchiquin (EN87)

    Trash or not i will snowball you all in a single swoop.