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  1. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    I know how Mols work Rhaegar. People got banned for farming scripts. They use other scripts to send attacks and track attacks being sent, really the only thing you can be skilled at in this game and they use programs to do all the work. You can justify cheating to yourselves however you want but...
  2. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    I love seeing the default to "ur dogwater" or "haha ur getting owned" to try and deflect. I would only quit to take away the satisfaction of your so called "dunking", can't be that fun to take free villages This is not disagreeing with me, Pan is pretty much saying here it's innos fault for...
  3. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    okay but pan told me that you guys did admit to scripting so not really sure what you're on about, literally cheating because you can and then get on forums and act like a white knight lol. Bro I dont even care I was just poking at you lmao, have fun eating inactive accounts. Nobody cares if we...
  4. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    Pan coming to back up your stinky ass :rolleyes::rolleyes: Wawel definitely my last world cannot state the state of the game, hope yall enjoy to its last day
  5. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    Was a genuine question. Nobody thinks your tribe is legit, we all know man. Funny immediately resort to calling people trash when the only way to be good at the game is to put excessive time into it lol
  6. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    What game will you guys ruin next when this one is dead and there is no one to cheat against
  7. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    Inno doesn't care because they spend a lot of money to boost those barbs. They will never put a limit on Master of Loots because that would cut into their profit margin. They won't punish the tribe of the throw away account because that would cut into their profit margin. The community this game...
  8. How much are they crowning v2.0 of v2.1

    @Raffi- been saying this for a long time
  9. How much are they crowning v2.0 of v2.1

    Just do buy-in worlds. Pay once to play on the world, all crowning functions are disabled during the world. Even playing ground for everyone
  10. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    I didn't tell you to give in to pay2win lol, I just point out that is it almost unavoidable as most games offer it in some form or another, especially games similar to tribalwars..... get good or just get rimmed I guess idk why else to play the game?
  11. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    any game you play that shares the same idea as TW will have pay to win(especially mobile games) I think out of most this game offers decent counterplay to big spenders if you know how to play and have good teammates. Our world values money more than anything, learn to play against it or go find...
  12. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    Lol Methodical thought he was being clever playing both sides, ended up playing himself. You can blame NoN downfall on him
  13. Counting each day it takes Inno to fix their servers

    Just going to throw this out there, but the 'Forum Rules' thread is several years old and made by a user who has since been deleted lol. Players should be allowed to voice their opinions about the game no matter how negative they may be. I think 'unsavory' is super vague and can be interpreted...
  14. Configurations Feedback (Ruzhany Palace)

    every vp world I've played has been like this, whoever wins early pretty much wins the world
  15. Add Night Time

    bump, night mode would be awesome inno please
  16. Disconnected every 20 farm run I send...

    it is the new bot detection, if you send too fast it boots you. On browser refreshing usually fixes the problem for me
  17. Counting each day it takes Inno to fix their servers

    I have to refresh my browser so many times to farm lol
  18. Counting each day it takes Inno to fix their servers

    If you're disconnecting when farming its their stupid anti bot detection, if you send them too quick it boots you momentarily