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  1. Interesting...

    I believe things are about to escalate. War will come if my asumptions are right ^^
  2. Poll: World closing

    If it stays open, will the top 3 of bashpoints & points count at the moment 80% is reached or when the world is entirely finished?
  3. Uninitiated Self Attacks

    how many units are in the attack?
  4. Interesting...

    What do you mean?
  5. ☬ The Assassins ☬

    This is his first real word and he is not experienced at all.
  6. ☬ The Assassins ☬

    Exactly what I was thinking kek
  7. ☬ The Assassins ☬

    "You have been called" sounds very dramatic xD Anyways, why would you even randomly invite players like that? You haven't even speak with him but you immediatly invite him :(
  8. 70% reached (NOT)

    Whahaha. CRU is here to save the day guys, fear not!
  9. The Almighty has fallen!

    Untill Sir Sausage's parents run out of money I suppose.
  10. Unraveling some myths regarding the battle engine

    Thanks so much for this great tool!
  11. So, I'm on the Rim.

    It's something you can do if you have nowhere to go.
  12. So, I'm on the Rim.

    Shyroh, if there are really no targets around, just start nobling the barbs around you, building them up and making one massive block of 10+ villages in just 1 province. Put a level 3 church in and it will be though af for anyone got get into your province :P
  13. Removing realm buttons

    Is it possible to get your account removed, whilst you are coop'ing someone in the same tribe, and then, once your account is removed, still be able to coop that person? In other words, that you do not have your own village, just a coop?
  14. two CRUCIAL bugs

    Also, could anyone provice an apk link to the most recent version of the tribalwars 2 app? For some reason, my phone won't show a new update. I believe mine is still in 1.49? Anyways, the quick attack option and the bug fixes do not work. (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Android Lollipop 5.0.1)
  15. Notifications not consistent?

    Doesn't work for me either.
  16. ..and the mass merge begins

    I have been in both SNT and EMR and can say from personal experience that EMR is much better, more organized and will definetly win.
  17. ..and the mass merge begins

    Tbh it has crumbled and right now 95% of your tribe is what most players would like to call "a meatshield"
  18. Master of Loot Working Properly?

    I once got 22 upgrades with +/-70 MOL'a. Rocketeered me from rank 200 to 80 almost instantly. After that I barely ever gained an upgrade on anything :p
  19. Church

    They should nerf it. I need those catapults to destroy Sir Sausage's village.
  20. two CRUCIAL bugs

    One more thing, that has also been stated in another bug report, I do not receive notifications. Well, not constantly. I am only able to receive notifications if I am not in the application for no longer than 5 minutes. I have given the application full push notification permissions, and have...