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  1. sneksinnej

    Realm Competitions

    As my question got deleted in the realm competition thread(which I can understand as it was not 100% on topic) I would like to make a formal question about it Why did Innogames choose to remove the CROWN/NO CROWN categories from the competitions on en32Frankenstein? @Coolnite7 @Ghost Girl
  2. sneksinnej


    Real Name: Dennis Age: 22 Location: Netherlands Tribal Wars 2 Position: Forum Moderator Favorite Animal: Dogs (Only if they reach at least my ankle when on 4 feet don't like the small dogs unless they are puppies of course) Favorite Alcohol: Probably just beer Favorite Normal Drink: Fruit...
  3. sneksinnej

    Bug or feature Relocation?

    I relocated units from a newly conquered village to one of my older villages. When I saw I made a mistake I tried to cancel the command but it says cannot relocate to village loyalty below 100. So once you transfer troops away from a village below 100 you cannot cancel the command Is this a bug...
  4. sneksinnej

    Quest bug

    Anyone else also having to reload the page after completing a full quest to get the next one?