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  1. Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)

    good at least you're more honest now ;) i dont need to figure it out, since we already war with many big tribes, they might helping you with pleasure, like NMN lol
  2. Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)

    are you pissed that you asking help from 4th tribe but got rejected? lol
  3. Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)

    i think you're too much spend your time in the game mate so Narcissistic, believe me we do not consider you as a real threat, yeah you're a threat but if we compare to our real enemies i think not, even we didnt mark you as red (you can ask your spies about this lol).. besides we fighting 3...
  4. Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)

    well i don't really care bout this game though since I've real lyfe lol, we also having fun here, got some bash as well :D
  5. Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)

    you should be more honest when there are 3-4 paladins from another accounts defending your main village lol
  6. Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)

    you can imagine how many stacks
  7. MY HQ Suddenly change level from lvl 16 to 15

    hello, i have bug report currently i've updated my HQ to lvl 16 then suddenly my HQ lvl 15, i clearly remember it coz im waiting my resource like crazy to reach 30k, then after i upgrade my hq to lvl 16 i look at hq resource requirements lvl 17 HQ need 35k clay and 27k iron, but suddenly when im...