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  1. too less Domination

    Is there already info about new Dom. When it start
  2. [Feedback] 12 days of winter

    Not really playing at the moment there is no Dom world ;)
  3. too less Domination

    I don't want to complain too much but tribal wars 2 is getting worse and worse playable via the phone app. So everyone who plays is almost forced to play via PC. The above is not of this time everyone plays games via telephone and this will certainly lead to a decrease in players. Also the...
  4. too less Domination

    Really again a vp world why ? Can we get a reason explaining or what ever why you never listen too members
  5. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    SFU reached 70% top 10 Tribes .
  6. What is your dream server setting?

    Stop the barb part Just players can be taken over. GIVES ASIGNMENTS TOO EARN TROOPS AND RESOURSES .
  7. Top 5 Tribes Discussion Thread

    Thank you Bodega
  8. Top 5 Tribes Discussion Thread

    Thank you Can you make a new update of the map. I prefeer black Background Nax
  9. New Domination 70%

    They fixed it so back too 80%
  10. New Domination 70%

    Why is a new percentage chosen now? I was never informed of this change when I started this world it was 80% for endgame domination. Now I see that it says 70%, this was previously the limit that no more merge could take place and no new players in the game. It would be nice to have some clarity...