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    General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Not losing respect for this game guys.
  2. el titiritero

    Rumors by Fleetwood Mac Featuring Xenophontos Monastery

    If this were written by Solo200, Andraus,, Carolus, Notre dam, djp, snuf, batgirl I would shut up. But you are? Evindenbeste opponent points attack 11.000 opponent points deff 30.000 He restarted 3 times. Now TSM everyone playing with the ass covered with their...
  3. el titiritero


    Ohhhhhhh! I'm still mourning my little axes. o_Oo_O Good game! :p:)
  4. el titiritero


    We will try to compete within the possibilities of each one and have a good time.