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  1. Where are the maps?

    Hi, maybe some of you are wondering where the top 10 thread/map analysis is or when it will start? Well, the answer to that is complicated by 2 things: * the tool I was using to visualize the map no longer exists - this is a problem, but one that could be fixed, as I have the skills and the...
  2. Top 10 Map/Analysis Thread

    I really hope you will put up a fight and be in the top, otherwise I hope you know you will be mocked endlessly during the analysis with how much you pump yourself up and talk crap about other people XD
  3. Top 10 Map/Analysis Thread

    Thanks, I try XD. Also for games, even if I get annoyed at stuff, I still appreciate if I lost due to other people being better, or making less mistakes than me. That allows me to be mostly impartial overall (can't guarantee it fully, mostly because I would obviously have more context and data...
  4. Top 10 Map/Analysis Thread

    Yep, I will be doing it, and playing in the server. I was waiting for a dom relo world, after winning the VP non-relo one. We'll see how it goes, fingers crossed.
  5. General Discussion Dún Libhse

    The amount of arguing happening before the world started makes me think this is gonna be a shitshow... I'll prepare popcorn.
  6. Top 10 Map/Analysis Thread

    A new world, a new opportunity to play with maps and add commentary. Hopefully this will be a bit more interesting than EN74, and I hope my thread will bring a bit of entertainment to people again. I am ready!
  7. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    IT'S OVER! With SFU now passing 1450 VPs, the server is done, just waiting on Inno to close it entirely. Here is a final look at the map, with the top 6: Here are the final tribe rankings you will see. VPs: 1. SFU (Six Feet Under) - 1474 2. NWT (New Way Today) - 108 3. EOG (Era of God's) - 39...
  8. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    Hi guys. Sorry for my long absence. My 2 week relaxing holiday has turned into a 2-week nightmare due to flight cancellations and covid. I am back now, and let's see what we've missed: And what happened was basically the end of the server. The war between SFU and NWT continued to be skewed...
  9. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    A new week, a new map. The map has lost another member in the rankings, but this week it's due to a merger. CYT (Corso Young Team) has joined NWT, allowing them to strengthen their hold in the NW. We'll see if this helps NWT out, as in the last week they have sustained some important losses in...
  10. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    I'm back with our regularly scheduled update. Here's how the map looks like: You may notice a few absences since last time: Hip and NHS have both dropped out. NHS lost some players and dropped all the way to 12th place, while Hip has disbanded entirely. The war between SFU and NWT is heating...
  11. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    Monday update has arrived, with more news. Two more tribes have passed my arbitrary threshold this week, CYT and NHS passing the victory points of JFF. Besides that, the Western conflict between SFU and CUM has ended with a decisive SFU victory, who then proceeeded to poach some good CUM and...
  12. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    New update is here! Sorry about the delay, had a terrible headache yesterday which stopped me from doing the planned update. I still intend for this to be put out every Monday. I think at this point (unless we see another tribe collapse), we have our decisive battle for the server: SFU vs CUM...
  13. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    Yep, all good on my side now, thank you!
  14. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    I'm baaaack! This week we need to remark on the tragic (and predicted) death of ARC. No tribe has climbed up enough to take their place (I'm using JFF as the threshold now), so we're left with 6. SFU is in conflict with both NWT and CUM at the moment, making for some interesting developments...
  15. Map

    Nice to see there is a map maker on this server too. But please, zoom in a bit XD
  16. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    Hello again. Your friendly neighbourhood reporter-man is back with the map update. The collapse of DlF and Hip has continued, with the first dropping out of the top 10 entirely, while Hip holds 5th place. However one person's misfortune is another's windfall and SFU, NWT and especially CUM have...
  17. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    At least are they gathering interest if they're this late? XD
  18. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    I still haven't received anything :(
  19. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    A bit late with the update this week, but here I am with the news. There are news aplenty to discuss. DlF have suffered a major collapse, with many of their members switching over to NWT, who has expanded massively as a result. As promised, AOD has vanished from the list, but I wish a warm...
  20. Top 10 Tribes

    You guys can continue arguing here, I took my toys and moved to another thread for the actual maps XD