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  1. Constant Game Lag

    We have new updates arriving shortly that will fix all above issues along side other things :)
  2. Let's close it!

    Players do not get banned without a message being sent. Its either 'scripting, Multi accounting, PW sharing or being abusive multiple times sometimes other reasons. However when you are banned and you ask support they will tell you the reason NOT the evidence. Two separate things.
  3. Let's close it!

    When players get banned who their team believe were playing fair the instant reaction is either two things. 1 - "Show us evidence" however I can not show you evidence as it would expose the tools we use to find the rule breakers in the first place. This is why we cannot share. If players break...
  4. Let's close it!

    No player gets banned without evidence of rule breaking, That is fact. Please do not spread these sorts of misinformation. If you keep doing so ill restrict your ability to further post. If I am not mistaken plenty of people were banned for rule breaking in multiple different tribes. And...
  5. Let's close it!

    What we know and what we can prove are two separate things. We have been monitoring this world very closely. We have a found a lot and we have also learnt a lot. Things that will make the future of certain tribes play style totally useless. The game unfortunately has many loopholes and system...
  6. Let's close it!

    It can take some weeks at most. The deactivation process is not in my hands anymore.
  7. Let's close it!

    Firstly I spend my time mostly around in-game support. I am not a forum mod. I don't see everything unless its reported. There's a million a ten things Id rather do then moderator this forum. No offense. Please do not pull the 'discrimination' card. The world has been put aside for...
  8. Let's close it!

    I have scheduled the world for deactivation. I'm personally extremely appalled at the over all viewing of this world. So I'm happy to close it soon as possible. Further rule breaking on the forums will result in your account being banned. Permanently.
  9. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Closing this now.
  10. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Thanks for this :)
  11. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    Man these are awesome! Best coverage ive seen in a very long time.
  12. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Hey guys. This will be the last warning for a number of you. Please refrain from the personal insults and accusing each other of cheating. This is purely just a game and nothing else. This is not how we treat each other in life or over a game designed to be enjoyed. Anymore insults or...
  13. Top 10 Tribes

    Closing this. Please keep these threads clean guys. Some of us get excited for it.
  14. Top 10 Tribes

    Can we please for the love of god keep this about the awesome maps?
  15. Top 10 Tribes

    Please follow the forum rules :(
  16. Top 10 Tribes

    Please let me stay In-game I prefer the shadows. Forum stuff just doesn't appeal to me everyone needs to stop dragging me here to clean up.
  17. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    I will inform the forum moderation team. Sorry for the delay you can blame them ;)
  18. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Locked until cleaned. This will be perma locked and accounts perma banned if any of this doesnt stop.
  19. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Are you guys honestly foreal? Enough. Perma bans will be handed out unless this stops.
  20. Top 10 Tribes

    What can I say ;) Love a good map