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  1. Sniping

    @captc what is the best unit to snipe with in this game?
  2. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    using bot to attacks and do all that.... yeah i can agree with that, thats stupid... 100 percent take time and effort to plan an op. plus if you messesed up and need to think on the spot that is were the skill comes into play. among other aspect of the game. you can always waste a whole Sunday...
  3. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    the tribe half of the time take these villages, just noble the village before they do. one villages or a few at the start doesnt mean much, their is different playing stages for this game.
  4. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    I>m saying the top players in SFU dont need to script to be good either way that is all and inno is killing the game not SFU.
  5. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    There is alot of players that script in this game though mate. the point is it isnt script killing the game its inno dealing with the scripts is easy. i have use a script before and i have no problem saying that.
  6. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    IM sorry what bot made the account?? there is botthat make accounts and villages? botter dont make pump up villages their is an item in game call MAster of Lotter it pump the villages up and you boosted the villages with 35 crowns i believe it is. that isnt botting nor cheating. i think the...
  7. was told

    i was told that by me asking question... Captc might ban me... so if i get ban know that you can't aak question. thats makes me sad :( but im curioues. will wait three days before i ask my other question. i hop you and your Husband @captc are doing well.
  8. how many question

    how many question can i ask? ill wait for a replay i have a few, but dont want to spam.
  9. CM Requirements

    what is the Requirements to be a CM im curious, do we even have one? i have someone that wants to apply?
  10. DEad beat dads

    @captc are you a dead beat dead?
  11. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    @captc am i allow to say ASS is ASS a bad world. i just need to know if that is Allow to be said. if so just let me know. ASS is a body part so i feel like it should be okay. but idk ASS shit about anything. OH SHIT is SHIT allow?
  12. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    Slydawg did say his ass stinky so that might be true
  13. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    SFU isnt ruining this game mate. inno is. SFU does have good player as well. i would actully run and play with their top 15 players. you are trash thats cause peeps like to take you out back ;p
  14. Why do you allow cheating? (Yielden)

    MOL a barb inst cheating also you said they ban the person boting. so seems like they didn't allow the cheating. now if you want to have the whole bot argument welcome to Tribal wars and inno just being inno. if you think it the players.. its more like inno ruin their own game, they don't even...
  15. Question

    Are we allow to share Fun land discord, in forums? trying to find like minded people to enjoy gaming with?
  16. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    Should we all be concern about @captc health?
  17. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    aye i know right, He needs to be know for something.
  18. New Domination 70%

    i didnt reach out about the merge. it was started on your guys end with screen shot about lord titus talking to VIP about merging. but VIP didnt like titus and want to merge with us first. we want to just keep fighting as is. but with the way the world was we couldnt afford VIP/TNS to merge...
  19. 80%

    we did, HOF is updated.
  20. 80%

    Aye the three way war would of been nice. It is nice to hear other peoples POV. There is alot of players this sever i gain respect towards and look forward to playing with or even against in the future. The whole merge aspect was a mess this sever and there was alot of screen shots Flying...