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  1. ohee

    about Browser / right top corner building queue and recruitment queue

    I don't know if anyone reported.. there is this boring buttons clashed on each other. I have to click very tiny corner to switch between building queue and recruitment queue... I hope it is understandable from the clips below.
  2. ohee

    Version 1.92

    Bug Fixes Fixed several issues when using IE11, including issues with hotkeys ---- what is IE11 ?
  3. ohee

    Your Resident Lurker Vet

    if you find another game pm please :D
  4. ohee

    Kingdom's Elite?

    oh thanks buddy! and inno keeps doing nonsense tutorial videos I just wanted to snipe inno in the mean time:))
  5. ohee

    Kingdom's Elite?

    what is kingdom?? I'm rank 85 there... what is this kingdom?
  6. ohee

    Halloween 2018

  7. ohee

    Top 10 Thread

    I bet.... not
  8. ohee

    Member limit

    if you ask me this will make things reaally interesting... I'd like to see how it would work if teir 3 or 2
  9. ohee

    Member limit

    I cannot agree more...this might be the best solution for this!!!
  10. ohee

    Autumn 2018

  11. ohee

    Hey Tribal Wars 2 Community!

    welcome on board mate... I expect this from the game... but the inno doesn't show any sign of those features yet :(
  12. ohee

    Birthday 2018

    I didn't realize there is a prize that gives coins as many as the amount of your villages!! -_-
  13. ohee

    Member limit

    I'd rather prefer lesser, 30 max. start on 10 and incerase +2 member for each point... I'm not sure of the numbers or its consequences, but I wish to intensify the role of diplomacy...
  14. ohee

    Member limit

    I think if the tribe limit is lesser, game would be more intense in diplomacy and/or wars :) but does inno care about it? :P
  15. ohee

    Top tribes

    I know that too :D
  16. ohee

    Friendship conquers all

    Good job you guys!
  17. ohee

    Retaining Playerbase

    I like to see the names I know :) greetings dear @Lord-Titus ... you know the game, I agree with your statements and suggestion. except sabotage :p there is one thing I want to add Tribal Wars 2 Youtube Channel has been inactive for a YEAR! and they put a video that is about the update that is...
  18. ohee

    Retaining Playerbase

    TOTALLY AGREE! hey there @whitty :) good to see you
  19. ohee

    Retaining Playerbase

    you've made good points, especially for the offensive and defensive balances! I don't play tw1 because of the visuals are not taking me into the game... but I agree with you my friend... I want to return the game but seeing this complaints are still on, makes me "wait" more.... and It's good...
  20. ohee

    New Rules

    thanks for clearing this for me ^-^