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  1. Top 5 Tribes Updates

    New map looks like inverted pacman, nice
  2. World Drama

    I know thats not what you said, i just wanted you to see how stupid what you are saying is.
  3. World Drama

    So what you are saying is if you go inactive for a few days the tribe leaders noble your villages and force you to noble barbs? And it just so happens that that is right after their dbp spike? Interesting, I will have to write down this information about simps and humoids.
  4. World Drama

    I love VIP's members, i wish i had people half as loyal in my tribe. They spike in DBP and the result is them loosing villages. Which sounds normal, apart from the fact they loose the villages to their tribe leader most of the time. Such honorable people that sacrifice their units even after...
  5. Attacks dying

    This seems like a decent idea, however every time i select only reports that were a defeat and i get a new report it only shows that new report. I also have more than 100 of these reports. Since you guys know the time, and have direct access to all the reports cant you just fix it? because this...
  6. Attacks dying

    WHAT IF that is going to be the case. I think my entire tribe will quit on the spot.
  7. Attacks dying

    I would like all my troops back inno, thank you.
  8. Attacks dying

    ELLUW, I am currently farming, but all my attacks come back as DEAD. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?
  9. Top 5 Tribes Updates

    LOL, at the time you quit we didnt have ANY tribe relationsso thats just false. Oow and I didnt quit Frankenstein because KitKat started attacking, I don't even know what that world was, like what number. But I have never quit because someone started attacking me.
  10. Top 5 Tribes Updates

    As if you'd make the smart choice, you just quit when you get 20 incoming :S. But I guess youll see soon enough
  11. World Drama

    How's the drama this world? Been a while since people posted this
  12. World Drama

    Bruh RED, how am i above you in BP, you must have been really sleeping those past weeks <3
  13. Farming bots

    Yes they very fast mans, they give script for pp pic
  14. Farming bots

    Yes hog riders very fast mans. They best. Join them
  15. New world

    I think it's because he takes all the children from the breasts of the women. You can figure out yourself what he does with them. #infantryLivesMatter
  16. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    Well, stuff just got interesting, -p- has about 3X the members, yet somehow still has less points and just a couple more villages. Let's see how this will go
  17. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    maybe your leaders should've thought about that before being a dick to everyone
  18. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    Thank you for this absolute useless contribution to this thread
  19. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    Wow good job! Its not like everyone knew, yet I still got in. Also the only things i send to TNS was just fun memes like everything Brimage and WeOYou ever said
  20. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    This world is starting to get fun. Right now its #1 against #2 and #3, but a little birdy told me this might change in the near future. Also FG looks to love merges, however PSC players appear to have grown a brain and are now seeing that FG really isn't any better than PSC. Wonder what this...