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  1. General Discussion (Forte di Bard)

    My only point was, Tokano stated he brought it to the attention of those who could address it. Ashie released The hall of fame, Clearly they are still going through whatever Additional process to fully lock world, my only point was with hall of fame posted, we might as well just wait until The...
  2. General Discussion (Forte di Bard)

    For all intents and purposes , no idea what I was saying when I typed this
  3. General Discussion (Forte di Bard)

    By all intensive purpose the world has officially been declared over for a week now, they will close it completely for play in time I am sure, but you no longer need to play it if you do not wish to, the outcome is not going to change post Hall of Fame release
  4. General Discussion (Forte di Bard)

    Crowns have been awarded, and Cookie Cult was declared winners, the world just hasn't been fully dissolved, but for all intensive purposes to those involved anything that happens on that world now that Hall of Fame is up have no effect, you can choose to play or not play, it doesn't matter...