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  1. NON will conquer all, again

    Doesn’t help when basically everyone from kor just builds villages for them and seem to go inactive as soon as the attacks start rolling in
  2. General Discussion Alcázar de Segovia

    this forum thread is the gift that keeps on giving lol
  3. General Discussion Alcázar de Segovia

    thanks mate, were doing really well right now against NWO and 2WO, not much ground shared with NoN right now but we shall see
  4. General Discussion Alcázar de Segovia

    hmmmm wonder who that would be
  5. General Discussion Alcázar de Segovia

    Dom world, 70 members, no relocation, this is either setting up to be the most competitive and long lasting server in a while, or the biggest s*** show we’ve ever seen
  6. How much are they crowning v2.0 of v2.1

    If they wanted to they could rip off Diablo and make a lot of the packs in the shop one time buys that refresh every week or month say that dish out a bunch for nothing than have the rest of the stuff in shop insanely marked up to the point it’s almost more worth it to wait than spend more now...
  7. How much are they crowning v2.0 of v2.1

    I’d say appealing to the players who will spend 20 bucks here 40 bucks there type deal rather than players who would dump buckets would make for not only a more enjoyable game but probably more money in the long run as people who don’t wanna “spend to keep up” actually have a chance to
  8. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    Been a hot minute since our last update
  9. New Top 10 Tribes Thread

    New update coming soon?
  10. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    I’ve been enjoying the pace of 74 where there isn’t a maxed leveled tribe yet and it seems like wars are actually going to be just that wars not who can swing first and harder
  11. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    That’s one way to kill a game I guess lol, and y’all wonder why worlds are shrinking when the majority of players now have the mentality of “get good” mortgage the house and sell the kids, join the people doing so, or piss off
  12. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    Like I said over in realm configuration forum, if the player base wanted to have competition all the P2W players wouldn’t bunch together in one big tribe every world but it seems like yet again we have a world dominated by mainly 2/3 pay to win teams and a few other tribes that refuse to join...
  13. General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    I’m in a rim province and still next to P2W pingo who has 8 villas and 6 of them being fully moled barbs and 2 of them now in my province just taken today likely to be more I don’t know what you’re talking about
  14. Map

    Half way there let’s see 200!!!!
  15. Map

    I’m already there lol
  16. Map

    not really a merger more so 1/3 wanting to join RND 1/3 wanting to join black sails and 1/3 wanting to remain CPS so they all kinda just split up
  17. Top 10 Tribes

    Y’all are the ones who don’t seem serious, rhaegar asked me a question and did so politely as almost to have a conversation so I answered, y’all are the ones taking a map thread like a diss and flame thread
  18. Top 10 Tribes

    I’m with caerus here can we just keep this to the maps, and @rhaegar2 you can it still seems a little racist though that’s just me, why don’t you just say dumb as a sack of hammers? There’s no racist undertone to it seems like a win win to me, I’m not saying you can’t call people monkeys or apes...
  19. Top 10 Tribes

    My apologies mate, please keep up the great work
  20. Top 10 Tribes

    So I’m not winning any spelling bees anytime soon lol you know exactly well I meant homophobic but at least I can still spell you and yourself correctly, and it still doesn’t change the fact that it was used as a racist term towards black people, I’ve literally had people at my work fired over...