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  1. Ncookie

    Feedback: version 1.97 & 1.98

    The bug fixes are great, especially since the mobile versions of the game are quite behind in terms of functionality and usability. I'm happy to see new features being added though. Missions and Events? Can we finally have a Christmas or New Year's ceasefire that isn't ruined by 1 player that...
  2. Ncookie

    World Settings

    It's just called 'Configuration Feedback' now. Contains the current world settings as well as asks for feedback on future ones.
  3. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    Hard to read through your rant posts, but I think I understand your strategy now. You like being in crappy tribes because you can be their #1 player right? Explains why you lose so much. So much for your game experience. Imagine accusing me of jumping tribes when I've literally never done so...
  4. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    Ah, the classic Wak strategy. "I saw I was going to lose so I quit (for IRL reasons of course). Wraak never loses."
  5. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    14th person unable to read crying in the forums! Congrats!
  6. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    Wow, you're the 13th player to bring this up after failing to read the forums! Congratulations! Not going to keep repeating myself anymore. Read the forums if you'd like, all arguments you could possibly come up with have already been addressed.
  7. Ncookie

    The Zerg - A Look Back

    As we currently rest on 70% domination of EN 65 (Montjuic) I'd like to recap to all spectators and those involved what our goal was, and what we've accomplished. Our objective, clearly communicated here on the forums and in-game on our tribe's description unchanged (as can be seen below) since...
  8. Ncookie

    Configurations Feedback (Kollmitz)

    Imagine how bad it would be if we had to get every province in the world to above 50%+ tribe control. looks at map above Oh. Wait.
  9. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    You're right; I wasn't entirely truthful. Both our tribes were in the 15-20s range. Then one of your players pushed NIB to 24 in order to get iron walls (to defend against an incoming OP on them). We then seeked to match NIB's level, but since we have so many points on member cap (one of the...
  10. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    For context, what caused this is that I told him I wouldn't be giving him more internals, and that he should move to the frontlines. Apparently after taking 26 internalled villages he forgot how to actually play the game and had a hissy fit in our mails prior to coming here on the forums...
  11. Ncookie

    Battle strength

    You need a church or a chapel in a province in order to have faith in there. You can alternatively attack with a paladin while having statue level 5.
  12. Ncookie

    Configurations Feedback (Montjuïc)

    Just... why? Are you trying to make it so that our protest against MRTs is less effective? We're trying to improve the game for you as well.
  13. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    Community of players giving feedback and trying to improve the game they've played for years: exists ViNsTeR: "Just got out of my first shower in 3 months, did I miss anything? Also, yall suck lol just quit the game. Me me big boy"
  14. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    That's the worst argument I've ever heard against what we're trying to accomplish. If we were to only play worlds with settings of lower tribe limits, we wouldn't have played in years. Just... yikes. At least think before smashing your face on your keyboard to spew that crap.
  15. Ncookie

    Configurations Feedback (Nideggen)

    I'm sure the feedback is not going to surprise you. I've gone over multiple times in the forums about how a lower member cap to tribes would make the game more competitive, bring more players back into the game, create less incentives for MRTs, and bring a lot more money to Inno through more...
  16. Ncookie

    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    As opposed to the ones in your province that are 70-260 points? cringe "Why are so many people on this server especially <insert tribe I'm losing to here> doing <insert fleeting cheating accusation here>? All the <barbs/villages/attacks> are <insert wildly inaccurate observation here>." I'm...
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    Unable to Log In

    The game is having... issues. Just wait - it'll be back up shortly. Hopefully.
  18. Ncookie

    Configurations Feedback (Montjuïc)

    *would have Fixed that for you.