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  1. Gzzz

    General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    I agree. I have seen a guy just below my province getting 18 villages in 5-7 days. He was using MoL like crazy, converted 200pt barbs to 3kpt in matter of hours. And ofcourse noble it. This is crazy spending.
  2. Gzzz

    General Discussions Wawel (EN75)

    All the games has p2w feature available but the best thing about tw is you cannot buy resources. You have to farm it, which kind of give chance to non spending players to fight against coiners (provided you have a good team of atleast 3 players)
  3. Gzzz

    Configurations Feedback (Quadrangular castle)

    Loved the configuration. 70 member restriction is awesome
  4. Gzzz

    World ending announcement

    Thanks AshieM for updating us! Appreciate!!
  5. Gzzz

    Moderatorw/Managers Feedback

    I am opening this thread for providing your valuable feedback for our own TW2's moderators/Managers. Lets listen everybody's experience, grievances and feedback. I hope they would atleast read this thread (I am damn sure they are not reading others). For starters, They have an awfully late...
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  7. Gzzz

    Close world please

    Are these moderators incompetent enough to even reply on a thread asking for an update?? Ridiculous respons time. :mad::mad:
  8. Gzzz

    Configurations Feedback (Ortenbourg)

    Does Relocation N/A means, it's disabled?? Please clarify.
  9. Gzzz

    Close world please

    @AshieM Any update on closing this world??