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  1. A Discussion on Noobies (NUB)

    I saw them from the first time cause they spawned one province next to me before restarted..i am sure that they are bots
  2. At last !

    i will be there too!
  3. Attitude of En players

    Maybe the best answer until now..
  4. Attitude of En players

    I started this server as POW member..I saw all phaser of JHN transform..They were UNI and merge with MOF.I was ok about this merge.After that TNO came and changed the map.They were strong and were fighting very good with RMD so i liked their ideas and playstyle.RMD was playing only with merges...
  5. Poutine (TIN)

    Heyyyy there! Will you play the new servet?and something else,lambezz still play?