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  1. RomanImperi

    120 Loyalty?...

    Ah nvm seems there is 20 Loyalty increaser
  2. RomanImperi

    Title Error

    Hello, This server is an English server. This sentence is improper. Please fix. (I expect the crowns for finding this bug deposited by 5pm 10/21/21 EST) Thanks (NOTE): No one asked for the bountiful harvest
  3. RomanImperi

    World Map

    TRIBE LEVELS: -T- Lvl: 31 NRU Lvl: 27 OAP Lvl: 20 Figured I would post since this world thread is dead. (NOTE): SE. is actually NRU on the map. For some reason it says SE. still and I cannot change it.
  4. RomanImperi

    Top 5 Tribes Discussion Thread

    Hello all, I will be doing a standard World Map Update of all tribes, TOP 5. ODD, ODA, Villages, etc. I just wanted to post this here so I could claim such an honorable position and let you all know ahead of time. This will be posted weekly on Sunday 7pm Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)...
  5. RomanImperi

    Player Projects Section of Forums Removed?

    So what gives, why did captc take it upon himself to remove the "Player Projects" section of the forums and move everything to the Tavern? Pretty irresponsible and childish.
  6. RomanImperi

    Disconnecting Every Time I send Farms

    There has been an issue on every realm I am on where if I send farm runs too fast I get disconnected or lose connection to Tribal Wars 2. This is happening to every other player in these realms. For past two weeks I have had the worst connection to your servers. I send 5 farm runs and I get...
  7. RomanImperi

    Feedback on Settings Thread (Post Here)

    Since there is not a feedback thread, I will make one. Please give us these settings: • World speed: 2 • Unity speed: 1 • Merchants speed: .5 • Beginners protection: 3 days • Night bonus: N/ A • Tribe limit: 20 • Players limit: 80000 • Moral: Active • Relocation: Active • Endgame condition...
  8. RomanImperi


    So, when is the first Gwen popping up?
  9. RomanImperi

    Add Night Time

    So, I hate being on TW2 at 3am(server time) and it is bright in the game, but outside it is dark or vice versa. Surely there is a way to make it so the international servers can change the template from night to day based on Server Time. This would be a good feature, I know on 'Night Bonus'...
  10. RomanImperi

    Is the Deceiver a Man or Woman?

    Very concerning question, serious replies ONLY. Thank you
  11. RomanImperi

    Animated PFP & Signatures

    So, I don't understand fully the law behind the the restriction/banning of animated profile pictures and/or signatures by Inno games in Tribal Wars 2 forums. Perhaps it has something to do with epilepsy liability or inability to implement the code properly? I am unsure, however we should be...
  12. RomanImperi

    Hall Of Fame

    (6) Worlds are lacking a Hall Of Fame. Starting from #49 up (excluding #50 which needs a UI overhaul as the HoF is horrendously displayed) This would take less than an hour to do for each world. It has been 303 days since last Hall of Fame was updated on World #48. Is this seriously how you...
  13. RomanImperi

    x2 Speed World/Domination/Relocation/Church/NO SABOTAGE

    Simple. A x2 speed world that is domination with relocation, church and NO SABOTAGE (Just disable this for the world, sabotaging the church is cheap and lame, FORCE US TO INVADE BY NOBLING BARBS OR SMALL INACTIVES, MAKE US WORK FOR IT). DO NOT JUST RANDOMLY OPEN. Give us a heads up of abouth a...