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  1. What happened with the reaction emotes?

    What happened with the reaction emotes? Now i can only find like, what happened to the other ones?
  2. This forum hasn't been too active

    C'mon, what's happening in this world? It's gone on for 8 months whats happening. And if anyone from later worlds looks at this, feel free to join and win this world. A tribe this big would normally be impossible to beat but MRT isn't in the right position for that.
  3. Are the tribes gonna pull themselves together and start doing anything soon?

    This world has dragged on since november now. It's 8 months. Yet the biggest tribe only has about 2,7k VP. Can you guys pull your shit together? en50 is over, it's won. This world, not so much.
  4. When will this world end?

    This world has been going on for ages now, c'mon can you guys just finish already?
  5. New world

    A new world and new oppurtunities.
  6. Donating crowns

    Who else would like to have worlds where you can't donate crowns to tribe levels? Tribe skills are broken by this feature in my mind.
  7. Yaay

    A new world. First non relo world for me.
  8. RIP COS

    Yeah. Where is coldog and his great COS?
  9. Someone said it will be a peaceful transition from BP to non-BP i think not

    So, from what i can tell there are already atleast 3 wars going on. I think that so called "Big alliance war" will happen very soon.
  10. A.A recruiting

    Please, do tell A.A to not recruit people who havn't raided at all. Like thanks for taking those people from my tribe but still, c'mon for being an "Elite team" you seem to recruit a lot of non-Elite players.
  11. Thief of the Day

    I just wan't to congratulate A.A for getting the first Thief of the Day. I'm seeing forward to keep on playing. And someone, PLEASE tell the top 3 to catch up and begin raiding. It's embarassing.
  12. What time will it launch?

    Anyone that knows which time this world will launch?