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  1. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    Passed for award.
  2. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    Sorry for the delay all, few RL issues this last week. Will review these today and get them passed for award where relevant.
  3. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    All passed for award and verification.
  4. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    Congrats all 3. Passing for verification game rules have been followed, and award of crowns.
  5. EN74 - Realm Competitions!

    COMPETITIONS New World, New Competitions! For the launch of Vianden we have prepared some fun races with great rewards. Compete against other players and claim the prize in person if you dare! The Call to Arms Objective: To be the first, second or third to have an army consisting of at...
  6. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    READ THE FORUM RULES Bans will start getting longer after this point, sort it out.
  7. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    I believe morale is still part of the game, I think it's around 4 times the size of the player being attacked, could be wrong though.
  8. New World Competitions (EN72)

    Passed for verification and award
  9. Cheating is the Only Reasonable Way to Play

    Apology accepted, I know it happens, thank you for understanding :) That said, this sort of post is exactly the sort of reason I've kept this open, this thread will hopefully allow people to discuss this in a reasonable fashion, and I will pull out some suggestions / constructive criticisms as...
  10. Cheating is the Only Reasonable Way to Play

    Thread locked for cleaning. I'll re-open once done. Please keep the handbags out of this and address and discuss the central points raised. Right. Re-opened. Keep it on topic please and I'll keep this open for discussion.
  11. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    3 people were banned, if I really wanted to hardcore en Since the last page has been dedicated to "discussing" moderation, let me say a couple of things and then we can move on from it please. With regards this thread, I was mostly letting the thread crack on with whatever and dealing with...
  12. Activate link error

    Please submit a Support Ticket Whoever picks it up will be able to help you more than we can on the forums. You can also find a link to submit tickets from ingame as well, Settings -> Support -> Contact Support
  13. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    I, and the rest of the team, aren't here to stifle all discussion. I just find that letting people make accusations just turns into mud-slinging, and that's not productive for anyone.
  14. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    You have none grey ones? Lucky sod!
  15. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    You guys get the same warning as EN69 forums got. You can talk about your own ban, or if someone talks about their own ban on here you can quote them / discuss it. You cannot talk about other peoples bans otherwise or make accusations of cheating.
  16. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    I'm really, really, not sure what you're not all understanding about my posts. Stop it. That's 2 bans handed out so far, I really don't want to have give more.
  17. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    You're fine. What's not fine is the ridiculous level of insults here, and the continual reference of specific bans. If a player wants to admit that they're banned and that they scripted, fine. I'm not going to stop them. If they want to state someone else is banned, or accuse them of cheating...
  18. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    As much as I'd love to, I'm not going to ban 4 or 5 people straight up. Keep it clean and follow the damn forum rules. Cleaned, warnings issued, re-opened.
  19. New World Competitions (EN72)

    Passed for verification and award