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  1. Let's close it!

    My dude... You were fighting TMS and ummmmm TMS and oh yeah... TMS! For around 5 months trying to close the world whilst we enjoyed our summer. We got banned January it's now July. 'Mopped the floor' Literally took you 5 months whilst merging the world to close it. The only reason...
  2. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Anyway guys! It's been a pleasure enjoy ya win. (If you can call it that) Much love, DADDY
  3. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Guess who might actually win a world fighting dead accounts! Congrats.
  4. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    There's just not enough people to run over these days..
  5. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    Yea tbh you should.
  6. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Your literally in a tribe who's whole strategy is based on spending money.
  7. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    Never will end lol
  8. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    We haven't changed you do understand everyone who matters in the tribe works like 60hr weeks and we are legit trolling watching you guys try hard. Kinda funny. Win or lose I play because of the family created. Something most tribes don't understand.
  9. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    Looks like a easy world. I see a lot of brothers already there. Maybe SFU will play...
  10. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    The most common TW2 excuse when you lose. "Only half our team was playing" Funny that the leaders and the most well known DAC players all dead and quit. It's cool though, whatever makes you feel better. No judgement.
  11. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Your points slowed down for a few days that's all.
  12. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Constantly online and playing for someone who doesn't care ;)
  13. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Maybe look internally instead of externally.
  14. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Like I said previously giving the enemy the ability to grow villages for you is perfect. The best is yet to come. This will be over a lot quicker then you expect wak. #lookbehindyou
  15. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    That's cute... Is Majestic paying you a salary?
  16. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Majestic want to play sabotage? Are you sure.... @belgeek We love you bro so what else matters
  17. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Interesting theory however it's always the same when cheaters get banned... Crying and more crying and more conspiracy theory's. Looking forward to seeing the future #LOOKBEHINDYOUGUYS
  18. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    Working 12 hrs a day nothing new :( You?