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    Huglamidi war/stats thread

    So it seems like no one is interested in creating a PnP/Wars thread for this world even after 2 MONTHS of playing ,not blaming since this world is boring so far, so i decided to create one ... i will try to track conquests ,recruitment excluded, between top tribes ... and when i say top tribes i...

    RNS vs MRT War/Stats

    I think we should have a separated thread for this ... i will try to update it every few weeks/month + add more tribes to it if necessary ... depending on my free time/mood Before i start i want to congratulate RNS for their sister tribe SNR ... this add the family concept to this war ... we...

    New players starting in the core

    I notice some new players popping in my province ,only 1 prov away from the 500*500 point , it's unfair for them to start in a full developed provs instead of the rim ... they will end up being food for much bigger players ... I saw a thread about the same issue in a previous world , en15 i...

    Top 2 Map !!

    The game is tied so far ... the red growing faster thou

    Top 10 Players ...

    I was very VERY bored so i decide to create this meaningless thread ( at this stage of the game ) .... thought it's a shame that we don't have a thread about our top players :p