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  1. huskazor93

    Attack Protection

    I don't know if it is intentional or not, but definitely should not be the case. If you attack a barbarian village, and that village gets conquered while your troops are en route, you lose your protection the moment your troops land
  2. huskazor93


    I'd play it any day
  3. huskazor93


    Greetings Warriors and Chieftains, I believe that we all can agree that rangers early game are broken. They are completely imbalanced and only available for F2P players by pure luck occasionally on Gwendoline, while P2W players abuse it with mass purchases. In order to balance the game a little...
  4. huskazor93

    Fake Ad

    I got an invitation to join new world and I will get 2000 crowns. When I joined I never got the crowns
  5. huskazor93

    Top 5 Tribes Updates

    Greetings Warriors, I decided to move the updates to a new thread for clarity reasons. I will paste in previous updates from Current Standings as well as today's update. Hope you will enjoy it and I bid you good fortune in the wars to come. 15/07/2020 CURRENT STANDINGS Top 5 Tribes Update...
  6. huskazor93

    What is going on?

    I think this is a joke that some players get unfairly banned, while others who are obvious cheaters (but buy crowns like no tomorrow) are left to play. It really stops to feel like a good game anymore
  7. huskazor93

    Forum Registration

    There is a difficulty registering to forum as some of my tribe's members noticed... The Register button on top right of the forum (just as you enter not logged in) doesn't have any function. Nothing happens as you press on it and you need to find yourself a way around in order to register by...
  8. huskazor93


    Greetings Warriors, I went through 50 conquest pages from tw2tools today, and I am so highly disappointed as 80-90% of village take overs are from barbarians (400-450 out of 500 villages). I don't think I have seen it anywhere before abused to such extent... Do you not understand this is what...
  9. huskazor93

    Competition question

    Hello, I have a question regarding competition in this world... Where do we need to upload the screenshots? There is no thread in Competition section, and there is no option to post further in competition thread in world 25. Looking forward to hear from you,
  10. huskazor93

    Horde (ORC)

    Greetings warriors, Horde is back from Tatai Var and is currently recruiting. If you wish to join, start on South East and apply. Looking forward to enjoy gaming with you, Warchief of the Horde