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  1. cute kitten xoxo

    Server Infected with Coinno-19?

    Down for 20 minutes ;D can't do shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit and my train's gonna crash WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. cute kitten xoxo

    4fun reactions

    I need to expand my reactions folder which can be used for tw2 memes and parodied. e.g. person with best reactions (img or gif or short webm) gets edate with jhin very romantic
  3. cute kitten xoxo

    Full and complete Tribal Wars 2 guide.

    I'm working on a full and complete guide for the game, which covers all aspects of the game for all players, ranging from beginners to 10-year veterans. I'm covering every subject with complete detail, statistics and case studies from various people, such as hibakusha for the calculator. I will...
  4. cute kitten xoxo

    RNS/KLB top kek

    So today, the tribe 'Rogue Nations, ex-#1 who fell apart the second we started attacking them, renamed themselves after long wait. The new name is... Wait for it... wait for it.... KNIGHTS OF LOYAL BLOOD. Am I the only one peeing myself because of the irony? I mean, half of their tribe are...
  5. cute kitten xoxo

    Pro-LP vs. Anti-LP [Info]

    Pro-LP: L.P, SIM, HNT, DLT: 9,626,329 points, 120 (38@LP) members, 1,796 villages, 80,219 ppM, 5,360 ppV, 39% of top10 villages. 71,348,427 Bp; 19,541,716 dBp, 51,806,711 oBp, 594,570 BppM. Anti-LP: RNS, TBK, KOR, WAR, R.E: 12,394,773 points, 306 (80@TBK) members, 2,642 villages, 40,506 ppM...
  6. cute kitten xoxo


    And so it begins. The TBK-RNS-K0R coalition is now formed. Let's play a gambling game, who will fall and how long will it take?
  7. cute kitten xoxo

    top10 tribes map/info

    'ay. since no one's taken up the 'media' work of the forums (lol), i'll give it a go... i'll be featuring a different number of tribes each post, depending on how many are worth talking about first of all, who am i? i'm kitten, a tw1 vet known under many different names.. i usually don't waste...