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  1. ohee

    about Browser / right top corner building queue and recruitment queue

    I don't know if anyone reported.. there is this boring buttons clashed on each other. I have to click very tiny corner to switch between building queue and recruitment queue... I hope it is understandable from the clips below.
  2. ohee

    Kingdom's Elite?

    what is kingdom?? I'm rank 85 there... what is this kingdom?
  3. ohee

    New Rules

    What's the catch with the new rules announcement? I didn't get the change in the rules...
  4. ohee

    Tribal Wars 2 EN. Forum Sidebar Not Working

    I cannot use right side bar links or things... for example I cannot click on "update your status..." when my mouse is over there, there is no difference. I have no option to interact with it. and any other thing seems a link doesn't work anyhow. is there anyone else having this problem?
  5. ohee

    Avatar Bender (IF YOU DARE!)

    Avatar Bender Share an avatar that is refering to the last post sender's "missing avatar". As the first message is mine, find me my missing avatar. At the end, which missing avatar gets the most "like", will change his/her avatar! Join the game if you dare! Be amusing but not insulting.