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  1. CrazyMonkey28

    Daily reward

    i have an ideea to make this game more interesting for non-crowners too, and i think it would make the game a lot more balanced for every player. I would suggest that every 5 th day of consecutive login into the game, players to get 10 crowns instead 2000 ressources this way even...
  2. CrazyMonkey28

    EN65 Map

    A very colorful map as always in the early stage of the game. The big battle is between Rank 1 vs Rank 2 / Rank 3. Just a few more weeks until half players will quit then we will see how things will go. Not too many information to give right now. P.S I dont play this realm but i like making...
  3. CrazyMonkey28

    Night Theme

    can someone explain how did he do it?
  4. CrazyMonkey28


    does anyone know when are barbs using their resources to grow? it a specific time or will they upgrade a house whenever they have the specific resource for building a house? and is it like normal players queueing buildings or they are building instant like at MoL case?(sorry for my grammar...
  5. CrazyMonkey28


    Top 10 tribes map....just for a small strategic view bcs i dont have any info about alliances and wars. 1. Greek Army 2. War Force 3. Unidentified 4. PUNG 5. Clown Empire 6. Magic 7. Nightmare of the Castle 8. Mercenaries of North - Brown ones....they dont have brown colour lol 9. Resurrection...