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  1. JD619

    Afrikaaners Tribe

    Interesting name for a tribe... wondering if they are actually Afrikaaners o_O If they are... never knew there were so many... and I have only manage to play with 2 other afrikaaners :P Anyway good luck to you guys :)
  2. JD619

    Deleted Messages

    I enjoy seeing messages being deleted and likes disappearing :rolleyes: I enjoy the minimal feedback from the community manager. Shame that the follow up to the game that started this company is being so neglected...
  3. JD619


    AAA has been over 70% for more than a week now. I think we can call domination now @Coolnite7 ? Thanks in Advance
  4. JD619

    New World "Landskrona"

    New world opens nothing on the forum ... cool beans Just glad it took more than a month for them to open this one
  5. JD619

    Well this looks fun

    Guess some people will always try their luck
  6. JD619


    So this world will open 23rd of August? FACEOFF or NOT? The number of players per world has slowly declined in recent times, will we see a rise in players now that so many worlds have ended...only time will tell. Anyone planning on making premades for this world?