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  1. sephyrx

    The Almighty has fallen!

    With Viking quit TW2 for now. How long does SNT have left in them before they completely fold? Discuss.
  2. sephyrx

    ..and the mass merge begins

    Looks like Cadre crumbled under pressure and decided to merge into SNT because fighting EMR separately was too difficult. Now they're one big MRT! How desperate some players are haha. Ruin your tribe/tribe crumbles -> merge seems to be the new trend on TW recently. Bit sad.
  3. sephyrx

    April 21st?

    Isn't that today? o.o
  4. sephyrx

    Spies recruiting longer than expected?

    When I recruit a spy, it says it should take 2 minutes yet when I actually recruit it, it's in production for 4 minutes and 20 or so seconds. I'd upload a screenshot but I'm just assuming it's like this everywhere.
  5. sephyrx

    [TWX-13782] Iron walls being taken into account - IMPORTANT

    Sorry for the terrible title post. Wasn't sure what to post but thought this needed to be looked at asap. As you can see in the upload picture part - a report of an attacker/defender but the defender has the iron wall buff (which they shouldn't have as far as I know?) that keeps the walls from...
  6. sephyrx

    Coloured Production Indicator not showing

    I've mentioned it in the 1.19 discussion thread but no one seems to have read my post. As shown in the update, this is what the production queue should look like. My current production queue does NOT show this. I'm assuming it's not intended due to the picture above.