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  1. Barbarian village suddenly jumping 2700 points So this was left by a player who gave up. city was about 1800 points then, it slowly was growing for 2-3 days when I woke up today it being 4.7K suddenly resource producers was maxed out... Was still a barbarian village. Now conquered by Gorgaroth...
  2. Why does Barbarian Villages in CORE never grow?

    Well the 4 provinces of the Core is heavily surrounded by top scoring players so I don't know where you get your comments from. There's no way you can explain that the 8 provinces surrounding the 4 in the core aren't well developed, because most of players from the top 5 tribes is in them...
  3. Why does Barbarian Villages in CORE never grow?

    So if a province doesn't grow barbs grow. I'm pretty sure the provinces in Core has been growing more than most. Well could have been more if we had the same growth of the farms that could supply us.
  4. Why does Barbarian Villages in CORE never grow?

    is this just a game bug or, for some reason giving the late starters an extra advantage? The barbs has stayed basically the same level for 2 weeks now. While we find Barbs a few provinces out that holds twice the size. Moderators plz explains this, as it seems rather unfair to us who's in...
  5. NEW and their Dishonor...

    I heard recently that SUR cleared and took city from ADD member. Sounds like a lovely alliance to me!
  6. NEW and their Dishonor...

    Maybe Add is keeping their end of the deal but i wouldnt trust the others for a second. They wanna controll the server as much as you all alone.
  7. NEW and their Dishonor...

    There has been so many tribes that has been working on something against NEW while being under nap. THat goes for SUR, ADD, SETO etc. and in their forum they are all talking about how little they would care for each other when NEW is finished. NEW is growing, and I wonder what happens when...
  8. Orava Realm Competitions

    NEW WORLD ORDER has completed Tribe level 15
  9. Neuschwanstein Realm Competitions

    What? We're close to lvl 12 on en15. only played for a week now!
  10. Orava Realm Competitions

    Reflate Your Economy, this one, is without boost i guess?
  11. Starting time

    Will there be any world startup competitions?
  12. Starting time

    Nothing yet so... WT :DDD
  13. Starting time

    Where do I find exact starting time? Any new updates to this server?
  14. Ut Ohhhh

    Can't wait to get hell after Protection runs out :d lol Anyone with perfect building guide to max city :D Any Tiltingdonks who's gonna play?