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  1. messed up messages

    yes it is very annoying, especially when sometimes it takes 20 to 30 mins to log in. You would think that they would have at least upgraded the servers by now, get rid of the atari game systems that the servers are running on. This game has been broken since it was created.
  2. messed up messages

    I really wish this "not enough units" would get fixed. Its kind of hard to time attacks when you cant send the attacks because of this bug. It took me 5 tries to send an attack today. When it did finally go it was short the HA, and 9 mins late. This game is getting to be not worth playing, so...
  3. messed up messages

    I was wrong. its not just when I attach officers, its totally random. I tried to recruit troops, and it told me I didn't have enough troops, lol what next , right?
  4. messed up messages

    I am getting some strange stuff for the last few days. strange messages that keep popping up #1, "Invalid village ID". This doesn't seem to affect anything, just annoying. it will just keep popping up as I play. #2, "You do not have enough units" this happens when I send an attack. I...
  5. Android app co-op feature

    ?????? what? There is no log out button. To log out, I press the back button. all it says is quit game, yes/no. No log out/log in android
  6. Headquarters Disabled (Long building times)

    LOL ,ya, they "fixed" the HQ, that was never broken. But the lame servers are still lame servers, that will drop just when your about to send your timed noble train. Way to prioritize guys.
  7. BOUNTY BUG: Loading Issue

    typical eh ? They "fix" the HQ that was just fine for years. But they cant fix the problems we have had for years. Someone is sleeping on the job.
  8. Coplay

    well the proof agianst us was, that he and I were logging in using my IP. But now the rule is, "It is allowed for two or more players to use the same computer and/or internet connection, provided each player only controls the actions of his/her own account. The only exception is built-in co-op...
  9. Coplay

    Cuddles said "It is allowed for two or more players to use the same computer and/or internet connection, provided each player only controls the actions of his/her own account. The only exception is built-in co-op system (Coop wiki)" How would you tell that it is two players on the same IP...
  10. Poll: World closing

    Close it up. Fare well friends `S`
  11. Barb Growth

    I have built my barbs to be resource heavy. Barbs need the same things to build as you do. They will build on a random choice, so if you let them upgrade only resources and warehouse then you will have a nice resource vill to raid. Catt down the buildings that you don't want and it will start...
  12. Co-op - new rules?

    This feature will be a bad thing, we will have no inactive players. When a player decides to quit they can just give the account to a co-op player and that account will contine. Unless there is a limit on the amount of time a player can leave his account to co-op, this will ruin the game.
  13. village to barbarian village

    David , they will stay in that vill and fight for that vill,untill you bring them home. Does Anyone know: When does this start? How fast will it happen? 0ne per day? 10 per day? 100 per day ?
  14. how do I change my password ?

    how do I change my password ?
  15. No Battle report

    Ahhhh ok then. Thanks. Did not realize, I guess it was a good thing I sent a ranger then .
  16. Missing spies

    Sorry to not get back to you. When I logged in the next day I found them. Should have refreshed before I posted I guess.
  17. No Battle report

    I sent a noble attack it was successful. I did not get killed, my army is on the way back. I don't have a battle report. Does it take time to get it back if its out of province, maybe ? ?
  18. Missing spies

    So I take over a village, the tavern is at lvl 15.I got ir up to house of orders, decided on thieves guild.The issue is I have no spies in my Lvl 15 tavern, none. Not even recrutable, not even a picture of them. total blnk. Any idea where they could have got to ?
  19. Increase arrival time ?

    OK thank you. I still don't understand it. ? So before that the estimation isn't accurate ? Maybe the wording should reflect what it is. "increases the accuracy of the arrival time estimation." I still don't get it, this is a useless upgrade. How about the deciever, slows army to noble speed ...
  20. Increase arrival time ?

    Large grounds This research will increase your discipline by 33%. Discipline increases your army arrival time estimation. Why would you want to increase your arrival time ? would you not want your army to move faster , rather that slower?