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  1. Maps

    Down with AoW. Go BBK
  2. Are things about to get interesting?

    tell the old TCG members SuperAids says hello
  3. Are things about to get interesting?

    i used to play on W2... does anyone know what happened to my old tribe, TCG? im curious to see how things played out since i left. I assume they merged with BBK after we were warring for a little while before i left.
  4. Maps

    I was in TCG several months ago... Did they merge with BBK? I was SuperAids on that world, wish i wouldnt of quit but had too much stuff to do and not enough time to play the game.
  5. MRT's O_O

    I just started this world and i already got an invite from 2 MRT's. any tribe that would openly invite a 250point player without even talking to him i dont wanna join.