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  1. Rally points

    So I got another question to follow up while I was talking with my member. In TW1, Rally point had the ability to send attack/support to other villages But does that still work in TW2? According to the wiki, Rally point only have the ability to make presets and utilize it. So If I were to CAT...
  2. Berserker

    Here is the description of Berserker from TW wiki, which I felt it was ambiguous. The Berserker is a mighty vanguard unit that dominates large battles. They fight with double strength if the opposing force is much greater than their own. But I do not understand how this double strength works...
  3. Deleted tribes

    Can anyone answer this problem to me: I see most of the big tribes are deleted and doesn't updates on the rankings. Also, When I search for dynamic map, It's said that we are deleted... hmm. Any reason for this?