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  1. Yatogami

    Dear Tribal Wars

    Traditionally the rankings list is a way to track the strongest or most successful players. If the ranking list for your new and *coughcough* innovative *coughcough* endgame looks like this: There is something wrong, and if anything points out yet another reason VP was executed poorly. I...
  2. Yatogami

    Resource Deposit

    The last reroll should give a full job list, not cut your number of jobs to tip you to the 10k reward.
  3. Yatogami

    Master Preset

    It's obvious that the devs wanted to bring ease of farming to this game with the use of presets. On android you can assign one preset as a shortcut to be used upon double tapping on a village (this lost me a day of bp when I accidentally tapped a player and was surprised to find I was not...
  4. Yatogami

    Race for the Realm (Top Players/Tribes)

    Greetings and Salutations Warriors (I'm bored and the forum is not nearly interesting enough these days) However, it seems we have our first conqueror of the Realm in miguel8819643 With some respectable bashpoints and a 1k point village for his 3rd he is making a definitive push for the lead...
  5. Yatogami

    Resource Deposit

    So the resource deposit jobs reset every 8 hours to give opportunity for players to work towards getting the rewards. The available rewards reset every 24 hours. Question: Is it intended that the progress towards rewards resets with each job reset?
  6. Yatogami

    Performance Issues and Lag

    Hiya Warriors, As we are all aware, Tribal Wars 2 has suffered from lags, graphical errors, and other performance issues. Our developers would love to fix these issues, but are having trouble determining the root of the problems. In order to do this, we need your help. The devs need detailed...
  7. Yatogami


    Welcome Warriors Welcome To Tribal Wars 2 Tribal Wars is competitive, harsh and fun to play. Find the right tribe and the atmosphere is brilliant. Learn and create strategies for solo and team play to survive and thrive. I hope this guide will serve to assist new players to tribal wars 2 and...
  8. Yatogami

    Servers Down 3/29

    We have confirmed that the servers are down for the International Market, the issue has been picked up and reported to the developers by our community manager. We very much hope the servers will be back up very soon. We are truly sorry that you are inconvenienced and are unable to get on...
  9. Yatogami

    Race to 2000: Igreja de Sao Roque

    Dear Players, Welcome to Tribal Wars 2. We thank you for joining us in this exciting new adventure. To get things started off right, we are going to do a contest! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get to 2000 points. Easy, right? We will give out six total prizes. Three for...
  10. Yatogami

    Servers Down, 3/16

    Many of you have already noticed that the servers are down currently. The issue has been picked up and shot up the chain of command and Inno staff are currently working on getting you all back online as soon as possible. We are truly sorry that you are inconvenienced and are unable to get on...
  11. Yatogami

    World Settings Info

    Why are we not given world info or even the most basic information? Could it be that a much lower tribe limit has been implemented in en4 and maybe en5. Is this kind of information not worthy of our knowing without jumping into each world and checking it out? The name of a castle I've never...
  12. Yatogami

    Conditional Wishes

    Could be a different name, I'm not really sure, but it is a fun one: Rules: Player posts a wish and the next person to respond posts a condition to that wish and then their own wish and the thread perpetuates. Example: John: I wish I had an infinite amount of money in my bank account. Jane...
  13. Yatogami

    Archers in tribal wars 2

    The archer's description in tribal wars two doesn't do justice for its pathetic implementation from the original game. It is no longer an effective defense unit having lost its general defence stats that ever justified the resource or time cost. If you consider the effect of archers in a real...
  14. Yatogami

    Rally Point Presets

    I created a new preset for my second village from the map and lost all of my global presets that had been created from my original when I went to add one of my already saved presets.
  15. Yatogami

    Unsure of lost units...

    I haven't submitted a report for this, because I can't be certain that I AM missing units. The only reason I suspect is because I tend to recruit in groups of 5, 10 or 20 (at my current stage) and so my light cavalry isn't adding up (missing at least 2 based on the upset to my OCD) I know it...