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  1. carrot70

    80% gained by A.I

    80% Is gained by A.I So please announce winners and close the realm
  2. carrot70


    There is question from many of our members about when we recive crowns for winning this realm?
  3. carrot70

    Log in problems

    I dont get into my account at the moment
  4. carrot70


    TEN have gained 80% Can the winners please be announced. And the vote start to close the world
  5. carrot70

    Incoming attacks

    I have incoming attaks but i just get this page Its a bit annoying because i have to look trough all my villas when i want to know where sombody is attacking me. Its not so funny with 650 villas
  6. carrot70


    TEN Have gained 70% at this realm.