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  1. Conditional Wishes

    It will, only if admins update the server. I wish I can Multi-task all of the works I need to do while I'm playing TW2.
  2. Conditional Wishes

    you can. but you need to buy a new computer to respond I wish some active players merge into EUN (server 8) to take over this world.
  3. Competition: Race to 2000!

    How should I prove myself If I already spent my initial crown on other server?
  4. Conditional Wishes

    In Korea, they ask you to pay hell loads of em without any return. They eat it up for their wealth. I wish TW2 staff updates the "inactive player turn barbarian after 14 days of inactivity" ASAP.
  5. can inventory items be used in any village

    Any Item from inventory can be used in any villages. Ex) you can use your cost reduction in 2nd village's HQ to level 25 EX) you can send your attack with master of loot in 2nd village Ex) you can spend your resource packaging in 2nd village and let that village gets the resource. but remember...
  6. Rally points

    So I got another question to follow up while I was talking with my member. In TW1, Rally point had the ability to send attack/support to other villages But does that still work in TW2? According to the wiki, Rally point only have the ability to make presets and utilize it. So If I were to CAT...
  7. Deleted tribes

    Okay. Thanks for the answer ;)
  8. Berserker

    Here is the description of Berserker from TW wiki, which I felt it was ambiguous. The Berserker is a mighty vanguard unit that dominates large battles. They fight with double strength if the opposing force is much greater than their own. But I do not understand how this double strength works...
  9. Deleted tribes

    Can anyone answer this problem to me: I see most of the big tribes are deleted and doesn't updates on the rankings. Also, When I search for dynamic map, It's said that we are deleted... hmm. Any reason for this?