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  1. messed up messages

    I am getting some strange stuff for the last few days. strange messages that keep popping up #1, "Invalid village ID". This doesn't seem to affect anything, just annoying. it will just keep popping up as I play. #2, "You do not have enough units" this happens when I send an attack. I...
  2. how do I change my password ?

    how do I change my password ?
  3. No Battle report

    I sent a noble attack it was successful. I did not get killed, my army is on the way back. I don't have a battle report. Does it take time to get it back if its out of province, maybe ? ?
  4. Missing spies

    So I take over a village, the tavern is at lvl 15.I got ir up to house of orders, decided on thieves guild.The issue is I have no spies in my Lvl 15 tavern, none. Not even recrutable, not even a picture of them. total blnk. Any idea where they could have got to ?
  5. Increase arrival time ?

    Large grounds This research will increase your discipline by 33%. Discipline increases your army arrival time estimation. Why would you want to increase your arrival time ? would you not want your army to move faster , rather that slower?