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  1. Has MFD won already?

    What's a NAP? Hehe
  2. The Savonians (TSV)

    Can't tell if you're brave or stupid for trying to start another tribe :P Best of luck to ya
  3. December 7th

    Heavy Cavalry
  4. December 6th

    2 I don't have to mint coins for my next noble.
  5. December 4th

    Light the second candle!
  6. EN22 chit chatting

    Is there are list of this worlds rules somewhere? Can't find one anywhere.
  7. Tribes/Maps

    Do a top 10, stop being lazy rebel ;)
  8. So, I'm on the Rim.

    Ew, Barb nobling in your own province... You disgust me :P
  9. Barbarian Farming

    So.... Has anyone got a full haul yet? :D Gotta love the core
  10. Quest bug

    Same problem here.
  11. Opinion about top tribes.

    Thoughts on Shadow.Dragons?