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  1. sneksinnej

    Realm Competitions

    As my question got deleted in the realm competition thread(which I can understand as it was not 100% on topic) I would like to make a formal question about it Why did Innogames choose to remove the CROWN/NO CROWN categories from the competitions on en32Frankenstein? @Coolnite7 @Ghost Girl
  2. sneksinnej

    Restart Realm

    Yea it remains in its current state with lvl So it will keep your resource lvl and wall level and so on. The only way to bypass that would be catapulting your own village before restarting :P
  3. sneksinnej

    Restart Realm

    Your village turns into a barbarian village and troops get destroyed.(as barbarian village can't have troops of their own only supported troops) So if you want to do damage to the attacker you wait until the attack hits so your troops still defend. I'm fairly sure (but not completely) that...
  4. sneksinnej

    New Rules

    Yea could have been better announced? If I wouldn't have come check on the external forum I wouldn't have known about the new rules? Also how would a co-op player be able to tell this: It should be way easier to automate this and just make it if a player doesn't log in for 30 consecutive days...
  5. sneksinnej

    Script Issue

    All I can say at this given moment is that the developers are aware. We will keep you players updated once we get new updates from people that are in contact with developers(Forum moderators are not). We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience. The moderator team is doing their...
  6. sneksinnej

    Script Issue

    Could you provide a bit more of information regarding this? For example what world are you encountering this issue and what browser are you using?
  7. sneksinnej


    I have informed the people who are in charge of this. In the mean time just continue to go for that 80% :)
  8. sneksinnej

    Realm Competition

    I have been made aware that all crowns have now been awarded to the players who still needed to be rewarded with their prize. :) So this competition is over since all prizes have been claimed and crowns have been awarded. Congratulations to all winners.
  9. sneksinnej


    If you go to rankings on mobile. Then open the player rankings. In the top right corner should be a button "Filter" Here you can filter on kingdom. But I don't know how these rankings exactly work.
  10. sneksinnej

    Daily Unit Deal

    A unit deal can have the following quality: Normal Epic: 1 star Legendary: 3 stars
  11. sneksinnej

    Unlock free technology

    This makes your attacks against barbarians move 50% faster(I don't know how this math exactly works) This really comes down to personal preference. So here is my personal preference: In the early game I use them on statue lvl 5 technology To allow attacking outside the province using your...
  12. sneksinnej

    Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    I have had feedback from some moderators that its a known issue and developers are working to solve this issue. A game-moderator should see your ticket and will try to help you :)
  13. sneksinnej

    Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    I will notify moderators about this issue Can you also please make a support ticket so they are able to help you solve this issue(So you get the quest rewards) :) You can do this by going to settings(Cog wheel) -> Support (Green person) -> Contact support button (See image below)
  14. sneksinnej


    The world was won as soon as 80% was reached. We have posted the Hall of Fame and this can be found here: The world will be closed upon a new world opening And crowns will be rewarded shortly If you have any more questions feel free...
  15. sneksinnej

    Co-op Rules for Yburg

    I removed the part of the message(As rhaegar2 wasn't able to edit his message anymore because it was to old to be edited) Now please remain on topic regarding co-op rules for yburg. :) I hope to have an answer(or have someone answer) about this topic quickly but it might take some time as I know...
  16. sneksinnej

    Co-op Rules for Yburg

    I will see if I can get a game-moderator to answer this question regarding co-op and pushing. As asphyxia has said this is a volunteer position and we do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.
  17. sneksinnej

    Multiaccounts on new world

    As I have said before. I have contacted someone and they are looking into the huge amount of barbarians. I have also heard that there are tickets made by a few players about this issue so moderators are aware of the issue. If you have any new information about this issue please use the ticket...
  18. sneksinnej

    Multiaccounts on new world

    I have contacted someone already and they are looking into the huge amount of barbarians. (As I already replied on the en25 thread where it was posted about the huge amount of barbarians) As for players cheating if you suspect/know someone is cheating you need to contact support. This can be...
  19. sneksinnej

    Opening time?

    I'm closing this thread because its off topic. In case anyone has suspicion about rule breaking please make a support ticket the forum is no place to make public accusations as stated earlier by @sudidi
  20. sneksinnej


    I have contacted the people responsible for these things Might take a bit of time so please remain patient :)