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  1. Map

    Current Top 10 Tribes:
  2. Map

    Made a map with the current top-20 players: Ignore the colours on the top-left, had to change some, sorry:)
  3. Race to 2000: Checking the crowns

    It seems I made a mistake with the time, at the time, thought it was AM, not PM (Mainland EU, my bad), difference of 12 hours for the 276 points. Sorry about that, guys! And sorry, ME:)
  4. Map

    I can offer you this static map I made. I'll update it every couple days if people like it. Dement0r, could you make it a forum image? I can't do it, for some reason. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  5. Race to 2000: Checking the crowns

    I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Thanks for re-checking (if you did). Post can be deleted if you wish.
  6. Race to 2000: Checking the crowns

    This is mainly directed towards Dement0r, who said "Also it doesn't matter if someone says that he did or did not use crowns, we check that and give prizes accordingly." It is not as it concerns me personally, but I don't think you checked at all. If you're saying Motherearth did NOT use crowns...
  7. Server down?

    Oh, I thougt it was just me.... Been trying for 1 1/2 hours... Should've checked forum sooner, lol...
  8. Race to 2000: Igreja de Sao Roque

    Why were you asking about the troops if you didn't buy them? Or did I write my reply wrong? Or did you interpret my reply wrong? I don't get it :P
  9. Race to 2000: Igreja de Sao Roque

    Of course. Troops can be used to farm more & clear other players, also giving you the chance to farm more. More farm = faster growth.
  10. Race to 2000: Igreja de Sao Roque

    Doesn't matter, Sixis, if he didn't use crowns then he's in a different category anyway... Edit: I just realised that it seems kind of impossible, though... 800 points in 20 hours? While Academy is 8 hours... That'd mean he got nearly 300 points in 12 hours. Don't see how that's possible...