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  1. Bot villages

    World dragging on? On TW1 world used to last years. My best account solo was +7.5mil. There are not even enough villages on current world to get to that number. :p My team just started on the latest world 3 weeks ago and we already own half the word... Boring.
  2. Bot villages

    Since the player base has been dropping and dropping and worlds hardly get beyond one grid, would it not help to get active (BOT) barbarian villages. I would certainly spice things up a bit. This could be done in all kinds of ways: Barbarians that build troops for example. These would be set...
  3. December 23rd

    When the Vault is active...??? :confused:
  4. December 22nd

    Aletheia's Bonfire
  5. December 21st

  6. December 19th

  7. December 17th

  8. December 15th

    13 houres and 12 minutes.
  9. December 14th

    Conquer All
  10. December 13th

    52.250 wood