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  1. RomanImperi

    x2 Speed World/Domination/Relocation/Church/NO SABOTAGE

    Simple. A x2 speed world that is domination with relocation, church and NO SABOTAGE (Just disable this for the world, sabotaging the church is cheap and lame, FORCE US TO INVADE BY NOBLING BARBS OR SMALL INACTIVES, MAKE US WORK FOR IT). DO NOT JUST RANDOMLY OPEN. Give us a heads up of abouth a...
  2. RomanImperi

    What Player Are You?

    The second INNO games actually implements a way to stop scripters/bots/cheaters, we will see who truly is skilled. (It took over 200 reports in world en6 to get 1! player banned) Until that day comes, those who use 3rd party applications/programs will continue their rampant EGO boosting rants...
  3. RomanImperi

    Top 10 Map/Discussions

    @Username Taken Can you go back to smoking Terry's Turbo Crystals from your lightbulb in your double wide trailer. You have no idea what happened and what terms nRu and FLC came to. I literally just looked at your stats and where your villages where, don't let me catch you in another world or...
  4. RomanImperi

    Is this what normally happens?

    Who invited you Caelum2?
  5. RomanImperi

    The Legion (XII)

    Anyways, congrats on the high ODA and 100 villages, along with the future 1 million points.