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  1. Co-op Rules for Yburg

    it depends KOR yes if they have 9 zombies they will be stronger than 1 individual player but they wont be stronger than tribes unless the tribe they are fighting is weak it doesnt really affect anyone unless the players they attack are tribeless in my eyes but it also depends on the coop abuser...
  2. Top 10 Tribes / Map

    yes THC are small but we have no where near run out of targets just yet debating on which tribe to make fall next lol
  3. Top 10 Tribes / Map

    forum has become a bit dead
  4. Top 10 Tribes / Map

    YKZ droping rapidly now
  5. Top 10 Tribes / Map

    have to agree with you there
  6. Top 10 Tribes / Map

    my thoughts on top 10 1.NW, Seems as if they became a mass recruiting tribe most leaders have quit or been banned i do not see them winning the war 2.TNS,Have been fighting a coalition if thats what you call it doing a outstanding job from what i have seen 3.TRS,honestly not sure what to say...
  7. TOP 5/map

    in was in the mail where all leaders where i know regular members would of not heard about it but i was in FLN at the time so they left me in the mail and im 100 percent sure a grace period was issued if you message me in game ill send you the quote best i can do
  8. TOP 5/map

    there was a grace period it was in the mail
  9. Top 5 Players

    no but they give you a idea of what your about to deal with
  10. Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    i cannot enter either
  11. TOP 5/map

    thats true good job for hanging in there ORC hmm still failing to understand why you rated FLN as excellent we have yet to leave our mark on this world
  12. TOP 5/map

    a bit quiet now
  13. Yburg players

    i know that feeling though lol
  14. Yburg players

  15. TOP 5/map

    went ahead and made a map of the top 5 tribes not great but at least we now know where the tribes are located at
  16. TOP 5/map

    yea i havent played since the haundi server we didnt really buy much coins so its new to me lol but makes the game more interesting was also a week late to that world which mayb why i never noticed
  17. TOP 5/map

    will be nice once nobles start coming out i have noticed alot of coiners on this server though
  18. Olympus

    going to have to agree with sephyrx on this 1 yes the player who made this post did not really give out intel on the experiance he had but that was his choice it did have much left to be desired but if you disliked it instead of constantly spamming hate mail kei you should of simply either gave...
  19. Sabotage: Yes or no. Thoughts?

    very true Rongilley we follow our rules laid out it keeps order also frozzeno remember what you said about you never using sabo im sorry to say but evidently you lied guess loosing over half of your villages in a few days does that to you good luck on the next server you play next time though...
  20. top tribe/top players thoughts

    yes it does lol